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June 23, 2010

When Movies Become Real Life...

Back in 2007 a movie named Teeth hit the market. It was about a girl that had a bit of an anomaly about her... she had a vagina that had teeth. Real fucking teeth. It was like a defense mechanism. Against my better judgement, I watched the film... and after I witnessed a few dicks catching the old guillotine treatment, I regretted it dearly.

As I have been avidly watching this years World Cup taking place in South Africa, I have heard some horror stories about the 16% of the population n South Africa that have HIV and the epidemic like amount of rapes that occur day after day. This is sad stuff... but one woman said enough is enough. This south African woman,  Dr. Sonnet Ehlers, has invented a new anti-rape condom that replicates the effects of the girls vagina in Teeth... behold the Rape-Axe Condom!!!

You can't make shit like this up. The woman wears the protective condom like a tampon, and if she should happen to be raped, the condom attached barbs to the offenders junk. The barbs can not be removed by anybody but a doctor, making identification of the rapist likely to happen at the hospital. It doesn't actually prevent the rape, but it sure does make it easier to catch the animals responsible.

Now, In my research I found that they have been developing this condom since 2005, and have distributed 30,000 of them free of charge in South Africa during the World Cup in an effort to curb the amounts of rape during the overcrowded tournament. So while the movie did not actually inspire the condom, I am glad that it is accomplishing the same goals... no means no, and if you rape someone I hope you are prepared to lose Mr. Winky forever... Check this CNN video for more info.

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  1. I'm all for this one. I think it's a great deterrent if nothing else. I'm hoping the bottom-feeders that prey on women will just think twice about such activity based solely on the scare tactic that they don't know WHO could be walking around out there with one of these in place.
    In a slightly unrelated note, suddenly I'm not so afraid to go to prison if I ever after to. I'm not in the habit of cramming shit up my ass...but if those prison predators want a piece of me there gonna have a bloody surprise coming to them. Infact, I think they should hand them out in prisons for free!