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May 11, 2010

Teefury Presents: Lost T-Shirt Tuesday

This is today Lost T-Shirt Tuesday shirt of the day over at TeeFury. These boys know how to get the job done. Artist M. Brady Clark uses a beaker shaped cavern that is expelling something that takes down Oceanic 815... is that the well Desmond is in??? As always, the shirt comes in Male or Female, sizes small to 2 XL, and is only available until 12:00 am midnight tonight. It's just $11 bucks with shipping, and if you are a Lost fan this is the one for you. Click here to order your own. Happy Lost day everybody!!!


  1. Oh I like..I like. That bottle just looks a little too phallic for me to sport on my chest. Especially with it spurting evil toward my face.

  2. You love things shooting towards your face... lol. If you look at it, its the wine bottle that Jacob showed Richard...

  3. I got in on this one. Can wait to see what they do for the finale of Lost!