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May 11, 2010

God I Wish I Worked With This Guy...

I am a huge Kevin Smith fan, and all the characters that he has created in his films are memorable in their own way. But none of them, not even Jay, comes close to the amount of hysterical lines that have been uttered by Randal Graves. Everybodies favorite video store clerk (yeah right), this guy is Dante's from the Quickstop's best friend and companion through life. He has a twisted outlook on life and pretty much makes me break out in tears from the hilarity that comes from his mouth after every line. Porch Monkey... yeah, we're taking it back (hehehe). This clip features the best Randal Graves lines from Smith epic Clerks 2. Try to keep liquids away from you face while you watch this, because you will spit whatever you drink all over your keyboard once Mr. Graves gets in the groove. You are the man Sir Graves... we here at CCD salute you! And just for the record, there is only one Return.. and its of the Jedi, not the King (hehehe)!!! Snoochie Booches.

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