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May 10, 2010

CCD's Summer Movie Picks - Kristen Grillo

Iron Man 2 came out on Friday, and kick started the summer movie season with a bang. Here at CCD we all have lots of love for the cinema, so I figured we should all put together a top 5 of our most anticipated features of the summer... not the most popular, not the biggest blockbusters, not the most star filled... these are the ones that WE want to see. So, with no further ado... first up, Trailer Trash Talk superstar Kristen Grillo!!!

My Top 5:

5. Eat, Pray, Love. (This one is for the laaaadies!)

4. Piranha 3D. (Admit it. You know this will be terribly awesome.)
3. Inception. (Christopher Nolan? Leonardo Dicaprio? Nerdy sci-fi schtuff?! I'm so in.)
2. Cyrus. (Indie + John C. Reilly & Jonah Hill - Apatow's raunch humor / the ageless & always stellar Marisa Tomei = A perfect recipe.) if you couldn't have guessed it yourself.......

1. The Expendables. - Why is this my #1, you ask? Well why the hell not?! And in case you missed it the first time around, I explain it all in detail right here: CCD: Trailer Trash Talk by KMG Vol#1

Make sure you check CCD twice a week (at least) to hear Kristen's wonderful views and opinions about  upcoming movies based on their trailers... she takes 2 minutes worth of footage and lets you know if it will all be worth it!!!


  1. 'Eat,Pray,Love' is directed by Ryan Murphy? I'll probably like this movie in the privacy of my home. I think 'Cyrus' is gonna be hit or miss for me. (I'm hoping 'hit') Inception I don't know what to make of. maybe you'll review it for us soon. Very original picks, ma'am. Mine weren't as surprising. They should be up soon I gather. Great job!

  2. As per our conversation/googel chat earlier... I would rather Starve. Puke. and Die. then watch Eat. Pray. Love.... lol, just kidding. Great picks KMG. Kate Jones is on deck...

  3. I just downloaded Eat, Pray, Love on my Nook. I think that it will be some pretty decent beach reading!

    I would like to see Cyrus too...

  4. Jeff, thanks for pointing out the Ryan Murphy tidbit. It is something that also attracted me to the project. I enjoyed his take on Running With Scissors, so I sort of expect the same thing with EPL.

    Mike, you need to get in touch with your sexy feminine side, brother.

    Kate, I think you are right! I have yet to read the book but now, I just might try and squeeze in a read before seeing this film.

  5. Runnng with Scissors was dope, so mb we can do this one... who am I kidding. I watch everything, and Im a sucker for chick flicks. Just don't tell anybody... oh, uh... damn!