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April 23, 2010

Like! Like? Volume #3

 In the 'Legend of Zelda' game for the original Nintendo Entertainment
System, there were these little evil-doers which resembled a delicious
stack of buttery pancakes and whose sole mission were to suck you dry of a hard earned weapon you had just paid mucho rupees for. These fortunate little bottom-feeders were called Like-Likes. That is why I decided to name a new feature article I will be preparing for 'Cultural Compulsive Disorder' after them. Like the fortunate bottom-feeder that I am, I will be scouring the blogosphere for loose related images, video clips, and articles that I found interesting, exciting, or maddening on other blogsites. Things that someone else has, no doubt, painstakingly worked on for weeks, even months, yet I will show no remorse borrowing from them and regurgitating on C-C-D, for you guys to appreciate as well, with all due credit given to it's origins, of course. Things that they liked...and I I'd like to see if you like. So without further ado, I give you "Like!-Like?"

It's a slow 'Like''s what I'm liking though...

Can't get enough of your fat celebs? Over at Worth1000 there's 'tons' of photos your favorite celebrities photo-shopped to appear...umm..a little more rotund, shall we say? Some of them kinda seem more cute and lovable now, no?
....Like! Like?

Studio JOHO created this neat bit of side scrolling fun which posing the question: What would happen if you saved the princess in real life. This ones fun from start to finish...and I would love to actually play it!
....Like! Like?

A couple of fun morsels designed NOT just for gelatinous creatures to ingest. Like! Like?

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