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February 4, 2010

Sneaker Freak Vol. #2 - Nike Kill Bill Kicks Are Deadlier Then The Bride Herself

Seeing this new pack of sneakers from Nike has proven to me that there must be a God... and not only is there a God, but he is listening TO ME. I have prayed for a collaboration between Nike and Tarantino, my favorite sneaker company and movie director, respectfully. These kicks are fire, and the thing that seperates this pack from the others is that BOTH pairs are hot... usually one pair is dope and the other is wack. Not the case here. Nike really got this one right. Beatrix Kiddo herself could be proud of these.

Let's break this wonderful pack down:

First up is the Big Nike High... breathtaking.

I love the all black uppers with the yellow base on the sole. The blood stains smeared on the side represent all the assasins that The Bride had to kill in order to get to the boss, Bill himself. The silver swoosh represents the blade of her Hatori Hanzo sword... these are beautiful kicks.

These are some of the nice collabo kicks I have ever seen. They really make you see the original work represented in the sneakers.

Next up we have the Nike Autoflight High:

These are not as fly as the ones above, but they are dope in their own right. All red suede uppers represent all the blood shed in Tarantino's gore fest, while the yellow inner sole is reminiscent of Uma Thurman's jumpsuit.

They are a nice pair of complementary kicks to the above pair, really embodying the spirit of the movies. Nike got this one right... but that is not it.

Look at the Inner Soles... its a hit list. Kobe Bryant's nickname is the Black Mamba, same as Thurman's character in the movie. The first two names on the list are Ray Allen and Paul Pierce, and they are crossed of cause Kobe beat them last year for the championship. The last three names are obscured, perhaps representing future conquest for Kobe and the Lakers. All in all, these are a must cop... go get em!!!! 

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