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February 5, 2010

Shaun White's Real Name Must Be Clark Kent...

... that is the only way to explain how he came back from this accident to win the gold medal in the Superpipe at the 14th Winter X-Games.

But the real amazing thing isn't that he came back from this face smack... it's that he came back to make his gold medal run 1 HOUR AFTER THE ACCIDENT!!!!!

Thats not even the half of this story. The most surreal part takes place off the half pipe. Shaun is scheduled to compete in the Winter Olympics in Vancouver in 2 WEEKS!!!! 2 WEEKS.... WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is for a GOLD MEDAL IN THE OLYMPICS... and here he is two weeks prior not only competing in the X Games for no apparent reason, but risking life and limb doing it!!! Then he wrecks, luckily doesnt snap his neck in 3 places, and STILL GOES OUT FOR HIS RUN!!!! AND DRILLS IT TO WIN THE GOLD FUCKING MEDAL.... WOW. Fuck Brandon Routhe, or any other actor. This is the guy who should play Superman in the next film Warner Brothers releases...

And then there is this pic of him with All-Time SuperSlut Pamela Anderson, tits popping out of her shirt like crazy... god, I hate my parents for giving me GI Joes and Thundercats instead of a snowboard when I was a kid!!!!

We Salute You Mr. Shaun White.... GO GET THAT GOLD IN VANCOUVER FOR THE U.S. OF A.!

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