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February 5, 2010

Why the F@ck Are You Reading That Book???

Oh... thats right. Cause it has been adapted into a hit fucking movie. Thats why its cool to pick it up now. You know what, I'm not even mad about this practice of reading original source materials AFTER its adapted into a movie... I'm more mad at the asshole people who allow themselves to be directed to buy these books. Now if you are interested in reading something, by all means read it. I read books all the time, and I have been looked at as crazy for my choices before. But picking a title out because everyone is talking about the movie they adapted from it is just fucking crazy. I ride the NYC Subway to work everyday. Since October, every single person on the fucking train is reading one of three books: The Blindside (the movie adaption was recently nominated for best picture academy award), The Lovely Bones (Adapation directed by Geek God Peter Jackson, he directs a movie like every 5 years) and by far the worst offense of the group: Push by Sapphire ( Adapted into the movie Precious; recently nominated for best picture academy award).

Now I can understand wanting to know what all the fuss is about... I can even relate to you wanting to be ahead of a movie release and reading the original to enhance the movie experience when you do eventually see the film. But certain books should be read by certain people. My rule is pretty general: Dont fucking read it if you have absolutely no interest in it. This is a picture of some kid on the train the other day. He looked like a straight laced white kid, dressed to go to work in business attire. Then he pulls out his literary choice and I almost choked on my corn muffin:

This tool is really reading Push??? The story of the 400 lbs black teenager who is impregnated by her step father and has a mom that make her already horrible life worse by beating the shit out of her??? Yeah, I could see the common interests that this book shares with this guys characteristics... get the fuck outta here!!! If you hear everyone talking about the movie, dont try to be overly intelectual and get the book. Just go see the fucking movie!!! If this book wasn't adapted, and Mo'nique didn't give a Golden Globe winning, Academy Award nominated performance as the piece of shit mother of Precious, would this tool bag above EVER HAVE PICKED UP THIS BOOK??? Nope, not at all. I agree that books are almost always better then the movies they inspire, but don't pick a book to read simply cause it has been made into a hollywood movie. try picking something you could relate to and truly enjoy.

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