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February 4, 2010

Kobe Passes "The Logo" As the Lakers Leading Scorer

Kobe Bryant is the man... no matter how you feel about him as a peson, no matter how many other players in the league you think are better, it really doesn't matter. Kobe is a God on the basketball court. On Monday night Kobe scored 44 points on his way to breaking Jerry "The Logo" West's team record of 25, 192 points. Kobe passed Mr. West with a breakaway dunk in the loss the other night to Memphis. Knowing the kind of competitor Kobe is, he would have gladly traded the scoring mark for a win the other night.

Most people can not believe that Kobe has set the scoring mark for such a storied franchise. The Lakers have had many talented players throughout the years. Magic, Kareem, Worthy, Baylor, O'Neal, West and Perkins are just a few names you would expect at the top of that list. And before people make an excuse that Kobe scored the points over a longer career, you should check the facts. Kobe is in his 14th season, the EXACT same amount that West played in during his hall of fame career. Not only that, but Kobe came into the league at 17. His first few years he was a second option on offense to Shaq, at best. This makes the scoring record that much more impressive. Congrats Black Mamba... your the best to ever do it in Laker Town!!!!

Here is a Youtube clip of some Kobe... this is how you get to 25,000 points!!!


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