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February 15, 2010

Gone But Not Forgotten... Big L Rest In Peace!!!

11 years ago today, music fans all over the world were robbed of one of the greatest rappers to ever touch a mic. Unfortunately, average music fans still don't even know who Big L is, let alone just how good he was at his craft. You can shout out all the MC's you want in the quest to name the best ever, but if your list is missing Big L then it can't be taken seriously. Being a hip hop head in NYC during the early 90's, I was a huge Big L fan. He was one of my favorite rappers and "Put It On" is one of my favorite all time rap songs. He also was in a "supergroup" called Children of the Corn with future hip hop stars Mase, Cam'ron, Bloodshed and McGruff. Even though he had a huge underground following and some mediocre mainstream success, L was poised to blow up before his untimely murder took him from this earth. Longtime friend Jay-Z was about to sign him to a record deal with Roc-A-Fella records that would have finally given L the exposure he deserved. Unfortunately, his art was imitated in his life and he was shot 9 times...

Here are some videos of Big L that will serve a dual purpose. If you know who Big L is and what he is all about, these videos will no doubt bring a smile to your face as you reminisce like Pete Rock and Cl Smooth. If you never heard of Big L, here is an intro to one of the greatest rappers to ever spit a bar on a mic. Go out and cop his two albums, Lifestylez of the Poor and Dangerous and The Big Picture. Also, get on Youtube and listen to many of the 100's of freestyles that L laid down. He is nice with it.

To quote my man Guru of Gangstarr fame, "Big L, Big L, Big L... Rest In Peace"

Children of the Corn (Mase, McGruff, Blodshed, Big L and Cam'ron) - American Dream

Big L - Put It On

Big L - Ebonics

Big L and Jay-Z - 7 Minute Freestyle

Big L ft AG and Stan Spit - Holdin It Down

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