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February 16, 2010

DVD Release for Tuesday February 16, 2010

Law Abiding Citizen - (Gerard Butler, Jamie Foxx)

This movie is a walking contradiction. On one hand, its completely far fetched and rediculous. The fact that a prisoner can be responsible for such an ongoing, eloborate crimal conspiracy while incarcerated is just to much to believe. On the other hand, ITS A F$%CKING MOVIE... It's supposed to be far fetched and rediculous. If you can move past the lack of logic presented in the movie, this flick is highly enterataining. Foxx is great as a career driven D.A. who is only concerned with his conviction rate. Butler is masterful as a dad who wants revenge on the system and the criminals responsible for murdering his family. You will be on the edge of your seat as Butler works his way through the people on his hit list. The action is fast paced and the death scenes will leave you satified.... by the end of this flick you will be rooting for Butler no matter how many people he kills. Give it a shot...

Black Dynamite - ( Michael Jai White, Tommy Davidson, Arsenio Hall)

Holy shit, this movie is hilarious. I have watched it approximately 10 times this past week, and the reason why is simple: Michael Jai White nails this part. Retro is always being done, but rarely does anybody get retro so right. Styled and shot in the blaxploitation style of the 70's, this movie features a quality ensemble cast filling all the stereotypes of 70's cinema. White is Black Dynamite, a hustler who used to work for the CIA (The MAN) and is now keeping crime on the straight and narrow... crooked "whitey" cops, Italian mob drug lords, pimps, hoes, pimps and more pimps!!! White uses his coolness, some kung fu and a big ass pistol to wreak havoc on THE MAN and avenge his brothers death. A fun romp down memory lane, this is a absolute must watch that needs to be in every cinephiles collection. These are the kind of movies that used to be playing on the "Forty-Duece" in NYC and inspired a generation of filmakers like Quentin Tarantino to have fun with his movies. The anaimated sex scene in the middle of the flick is worth the price of admission alone... Get this one loaded into your DVD player ASAP.

The Ladykillers - ( Alec Guiness, Herbert Lom and Peter Sellers)

It is no secret that Peter Sellers is my favorite actor of ALL TIME... but before he was Inspector Clouseau in the Pink Panther movies, he starred in this hilarious heist comedy with Ben Kenobi himself, Sir Alex Guinness. Herbert Lom, who was also a huge part of the Pink Panther series, also guest stars in this wonderful dark comedy. The movies centers around a gang of con artists put together by Guinness to rob a rail station. The gang rents a room from an older lady to use as a headquarters, and after successfully robbing the station are figured out by their lodge master. Forced to silence the old lady, hilarity ensues as the criminals decided who will kill her... double crosses, murder and mayhem are on the menu for these cons. Really funny and dark, this is a great oppurtunity to see Sellers and Guinness in roles before the ones we know them for. 

Also on DVD/BlueRay: Cabin Fever, Goodfellas 20th anniversary, Clint Eastwood: 35 Films in 35 Years at Warner Brothers, Halo Legends, Coco Before Chanel

Now get out there and buy some movies!!!! 

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