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January 26, 2010

Is Jay-Z Really Going To Buy Llamas For The Whole Hood???

So, I'm sure there are more then a few of you guys trying to figure out where I'm going with this post. You see, one of my favorite parts of the past presidential election was all of the rap lyrics that began to focus on the first black candidate to ever run for the presidency. Everybody from Kanye to Young Jeezy got in on the Obama name dropping, and this practice continues still as we enter year two of the "Age of Obama". But my favorite lyric by far came from Brooklyn boy Shawn Carter, also know as the one and only Jay-Z. In his freestyle over Lil Wayne's track "A Milli", Young Hov renamed the track "A Billi" and rapped about all the royalties he has accumulated over the years. But His biggest boast, even though it didn't seem so at the time, involved our president. In a declaration towards the change that would be coming under the newly appointed commander in chief, Mr. Carter dropped the following gem:

"So Brrrrrack, lick a shot, for Barack Obama, Change gon come-ah, If not, I'ma buy the whole hood llamas on me!!!"

For those of you who don't speak street, basically Jay told us to pop shots in the air to celebrate the change Barack Obama was going to bring America as president. And if for some reason Barack didn't change anything after the election, he promised to buy the whole hood guns (llamas, cause they spit bullets) to force that change. Well, its been a year, and so far not much has changed. Well, that's not totally true. Massachusetts, the most blue state in the country, just got their first republican senator in 47 years. I guess that's change, just not the kind democrats were hoping for. Good thing Mr. Hova has all that cash...

Jay's home borough of Brooklyn NY has about 3 million people residing in it, and NYC's population has swelled to over 8.5 million. That's alot of guns to provide, and even more to buy all those bullets... Good thing Jay-z is caked up. Looks like Beyonce might have to start settling for the Steve Madden Tims and Burberry for more then swimming...Lol!!! I included the youtube video of the freestyle, pay close attention at about the one minute mark.

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