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January 26, 2010

Avatar Stands Alone: Sinks Titanic In Worldwide Box Office Take

I'm sorry, I couldn't resist using "sinks Titanic" in the titled. I'm a cheese ball, but you'll learn to love it. Props must be given to the Man-God that is James Cameron. In the history of films, only 5 have made over a BILLION dollars worldwide. The Dark Knight is 5th, Pirates of the Carribbean: Dead Mans Chest is 4th, and LOTR: Return of the King is 3rd. But they all barely topped the 1 BILLION mark, and were part of major tent pole multi movie franchises. Coming in at 1.84 BILLI is Titanic, which towers over Return of the King by over 600 Million Dollars. Then there is the juggernaut that is Avatar, which after this weekend is sitting on 1.86 BILLION... Do you think its a coincidence that the director of both of these top 2 films is the same: James Cameron. Can it be we are seeing the resurrection of Jesus in the filmmaker form??? Don't be so quick to dismiss...

Here's why I think he can perform miracles. Titanic was just that, titanic. It made its huge windfall over the course of 10 months, 10 torturous months of hearing that damn Celine Dion song... But Avatar has already passed up its predecessor in just 6 WEEKS!!!! Titanic: 1.84 billi in 40 weeks, Avatar 1.86 Billi in 6 weeks... Are you kidding me. If Cameron isn't the second coming, then he definitely sold his soul to the devil cause this just doesn't make sense. If Avatar has the same kind of 10 month run that Titanic had, Cameron and Co. will be making Dr. Evil Money, no doubt about it. How much do you think it will make??? Lets hear your opinion. Right now I'm going to go over to the makeshift alter in my living room made up of Titanic, T2, and Avatar movie merchandise and pray to our new master Lord James Cameron... laters.

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  1. What separates Cameron from any director in our time is that he can take a completely original thought and turn it into something fantastic, amazing, and breathtaking. Take a look at all the top grossing films that he has ran over with Avatar: Dark Knight, LOTR, Harry Potter, Pirates of The Caribbean ETC. These films have all been based around some previous thought whether they come from comics, books, or amusement parks. Nothing super original about them. Even with Titanic, Cameron was able to take a piece of history and turn it into a great love story that he can call his own. He's amazingly capable to create worlds and write his own material, involving himself in the entire process from start to finish. With the exception of George Lucas, not many directors can even compare to that. That's what's missing from today's cinema. Nothing is original anymore. Everything is a remake or terrible attempts to translate novels into film. If future filmmakers would pay more attention to Cameron's style & dedication to the art, there's still a possibility that movies can be saved.