September 4, 2016

The CCD Podcast: Episode #100 - Is Wrestling Popular Again?

We  tackle many pop culture topics here at CCD, but one that we tend to champion is Wrestling. Some of the greatest pop culture moments of the 80s & 90s happened in the squared circle... and for a while it seemed as if those moments would never again reach the heights they once did. Would this next generation of talented ring performers like Zack Ryder & Finn Balor ever reach the wildly popularity of Macho Man and Ricky Steamboat? Hmmmm..... yet it seems the "sport" of wrestling has seen quite an epic resurgence in the past year or so. Is it because the product is back to what it used to be... or is it because more of the old school fans are making their way back as they become parents and their kids start watching? All of these are part of the reason, but whatever you think the ultimate answer is simple: WRESTLING IS BACK!!!!

Jedi Rob sits down with CCD's wrestling experts, super fan Joey Armao and founder of the SRG Universe Steve Resk to talk about the current resurgence wrestling is experiencing. A perfect way to celebrate episode #100...

August 23, 2016

The CCD Podcast: Episode #99 - Howard the Duck: The 30th Anniversary Eggstravaganza!!!

Man o man... on paper, the film version of Howard the Duck should have been a home run! A hit comic character that was HAND PICKED by lord commander George Lucas for adaption... effects by Industrial Lights and Magic, the best in the biz... a huge cast, featuring 80s stalwarts like Lea Thompson, Tim Robbins and Jeffrey Jones... I mean, how could this go wrong??? I don't exactly know, but it certainly did go wrong. VERY WRONG. Widely considered one of the worst films ever created and a box office flop, HTD was relegated to the designation of "misstep" by George Lucas and crew. But over time, a cult following around the film began to build. It found new life on cable throughout the 90s and 2000s, and nowadays is considered one of the biggest cult classics of the 80s!

So with the 30th Anniversary rolling around, we felt like we should try to host an event highlighting this fun film. So we teamed up with Den of Geek to do just that... on 8/26/16 we will invade Dromedary Bar in Brooklyn for a crazy event. And because its us, we decided to host a podcast talking about everything Howard: comics, movies and beyond! Join Jedi Rob, Mike D and Joey Armao as they chop it up in the CCD Nerd Cave discussing Mr. H to the D baby...

August 8, 2016

The Laughing Man - A Joker Fan Film That Will Blow You Away!!!

We live in a golden age of comic book based Fan Films... the work that people like Bat In the Sun and others have done over the past 5-7 years is often BETTER than the work turned out by regular studios. So when I come across a Fan Film that is getting a lot of buzz, I am not skeptical... as a matter of fact, I am INTRIGUED. Intrigued way more than I am for more studio fare. Give me a Super Power Beat Down over another mediocre mainstream project EVERY SINGLE TIME! A pair of Mexican brothers, Diego and Julio Hallivis, are hoping to join the club of people who got it more than right with their comic fan film "The Laughing Man".

August 5, 2016

The Goonies vs Stranger Things... Why Are ALL These Characters SO SIMILAR?!?

I have watched Stranger Things twice through now and the more times I view it the more references and nods I see to properties from the 80s that I LOVED. The Duffer Brothers set out to recreate the FEEL of all those movies we loved through the early 80s (War Games, ET, Stand By Me, Flight of the Navigator) without directly referencing those particular films. You get direct mentions for things like Dungeons and Dragons, The Millennium Falcon and a throwback snack like canned Hunt's Chocolate Pudding... but most of the more obvious references and tonal inspirations are there only at the abstract level. They are not ham-fisted, and the Duffer Brothers DO NOT make the mistake of trying to slam as many blatant nods as they can into their little 8 episode gem.

But the more I watch the show, the more I realize that whether it was intentional or not, The Duffer's have DIRECTLY copied many of the character traits of the seminal 80s kid gang classic The Goonies. I can draw a direct comparison between almost EVERY SINGLE character in the original Richard Donner film and their Stranger Things counterparts... This is going to be FUN!!!!

July 22, 2016

The CCD Podcast: Episode #98 - Stranger Things....Best Show Ever?

Netflix has turned the nerd genre on its head with the under the radar release of the summer's biggest hit TV show, Stranger Things. The show comes to us from The Duffer Brothers, a pair of 80s babies who brought us The Hidden in 2015 (a gem of a film). This is what happens when kids who grew up in the 80's grow up... a show littered with references to TV, Film, Comics, and many other forms of childhood goodness that will be super recognizable to anyone between the ages of 30-45! It has the feel of vintage Spielberg at his finest, and people are literally tripping over themselves to recommend it to friends. But beyond the aesthetic, it is an A level TV show that can stand toe to toe with any other in character, script and quality production. Jedi Rob is joined by the lovely Alicia Gomes and resident 80s toy expert Joey Armao to delve into the series and ask the simple question:

Is STRANGER THINGS the greatest show ever made?

July 13, 2016

The CCD Podcast: Episode #97 - CCD's Second Summer Block Party & Record Collection Art Show!

Them CCD Boyz are back at it again, throwing another awesome art show for all of us to enjoy. The event is CCD's Second Summer Block Party taking place on Saturday July 16th, 2016. We will be doing a second installment of our "Record Collection", which will feature over 25 artists re-designing great album covers in their own unique style. Last year we got some awesome submissions (click here to buy some prints now), but we are expecting even greater results this time around!!! We are also teaming up with music promoter/producer extraordinaire Jerry "The Jerry" Farley who has organized quite an awesome lineup of live music performers set to rock the Steeplechase Beer Garden stage in Coney Island starting at 2pm! We decided to have Jerry come to the Nerd Cave for a sit down to talk about music, album artwork, and all types of other topics related to the world of music.... another great podcast from Jedi Rob and the CCD Crew. Come out to the event, see all the great artwork, and enjoy all the awesome music that will be playing all day long as we rock Coney Island!!!

July 1, 2016

The CCD Podcast: Episode #96 - 1996: Most Important Movie Year Ever?

The film industry has come along way since the days of Charlie Chaplin and silent films. It has become a multi billion dollar industry that is the #1 primary source for long form entertainment. Over 300 feature films are released every year in theaters, and even more are released direct to the audience via DVD/Blu Ray and On Demand. But when did the tide really turn for the film industry? Was it with the launch of Jaws (what most people call the first summer blockbuster) in 1975? Was it 1989, the year that most people say saw the release of some of the greatest films in modern history (batman, Lethal Weapon 2, Back to The Future 2, The Little Mermaid)... but Rob Martin and Leland James do their best to convince you that in fact 1996 is the year that is most important to the current state of the film industry. They bring up such cinematic game changing gems as Independence Day, Twister , Fargo, Trainspotting, Mission Impossible, The Rock, Romeo & Juliet, Happy Gilmore, Mars Attacks and of course the cinematic classic The Phantom (I see you Billy Zane!). It really was a game changing year... let the guys convince you if you don't believe us!     

May 30, 2016

Who's Ready To Bust Some Ghosts With BBQ Films & CCD?

Yeah boy, it is that time again! BBQ Films is gearing up for their next immersive cinematic event, and this time they need YOU to help out with their biggest challenge yet... Are you guys ready to bust some ghosts???

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May 15, 2016

The CCD Podcast: Episode #95 - Civil War and the Marvel Renaissance

So... Civil War came out. Yup... it was just as epic as we suspected it would be. We here at CCD never really doubted it would come through, but hardly any of us imagined it could be as awesome as it turned out. So we had to let it digest... sink in... fully make it's impression on us before we could sit down and talk about it on the podcast. And we had to make sure we got the right team together to do it. So Jedi Rob welcomes young master James West and Mike D down into the CCD Nerd Cave to chop it up about what some are calling the "greatest Marvel movie yet!". We discuss all the goodness that is packed into this one film as well as speculate on what is to come from Kevin Feige and the gang over at Marvel. Enjoy the ensuing discussion and bask in the amazingness that is Captain America: Civil War....

May 11, 2016

CCD Presents: The Friday the 13th Marathon LIVE in Brooklyn!!!

CCD.NYC Presents: Friday the 13th Screening Party

CCD.NYC Invades Dromedary Bar For Some Classic Slasher Fun! 
Friday 5/13/16 Dromedary Bar/Restaurant in Bushwick, NY 

CCD.NYC wants you to come out this Friday the 13th to Dromedary Bar to celebrate our favorite slasher franchise of the 1980s:

 FRIDAY the 13th !!! 

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