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February 3, 2016

The CCD Podcast: Episode #88 - The Final Curtain at The Ziegfeld Theater & The Force Awakens With The O.G. Three!

When it comes to Star Wars, great things come in 3s. The original trilogy consists of THREE classic films... The main triumvirate of characters are Luke/Leia/Han... In the prequels there were 3 awesome bad guys (Dooku/Grievous/Darth Sidious) at once... R2, C3-PO and Chewy are the 3 best supporting characters one could ever have... The greatest film in the series (EMPIRE STRIKES BACK) has three words in its title... I could go on and on if need be, but trust me when I say that 3s are significant to the whole Star Wars series. So it is only fitting that the ORIGINAL THREE podcasters who started the CCD Podacst reunited to discuss their takes on The Force Awakens... and we even attended the last EVER screening at the historic Ziegfeld Theater in NYC to make the experience even that more special. So join the OG Three (Jedi Rob, Mike D and Jeff 'JB Smoove' Bond as we break down the dopest movie in the galaxy one last time!  

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  1. Isn't it THE empire strikes back?

  2. I could argue THE Empire Strikes Back isn't even THE greatest...but, I digress.