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October 16, 2015

A Very CCD Halloween - Part 1 - "I Still Believe"

We here at Cultural Compulsive Disorder love Halloween too much to just party on the 31st. Our party starts now and doesn't stop until the sun comes up in November. Join the CCD Family as they rock out to a couple of groovy spooky tunes, kicking off with a rendition of Tim Capello's "I Still Believe" immortalized in the bad ass 80's vampire classic "The Lost Boys."


Be sure to check back for further spooktackular songs throughout the month!

Can't get enough sexy sax man? Then click the image below to get your very own 'Timmy C' t-shirt from our friends over at Fright-Rags. They have the clothing for all your horror needs.

Baby oil not incuded.
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  1. I heard Gary say that in my head. Assuming there's only one Gary on the planet.