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September 11, 2015

The CCD Podcast: Episode #67 - Working Man Movies or "Labor Day? What's That.... Er, Forget It... I Gotta Get To Work!"

Labor Day is a National Holiday here in the US meant to give thanks to the working man (and woman... sheeeessshhhh!) of this great nation in recognition of their hard work all year long. They are given a Monday off and it is kind of like a tip of the ole hat... Thanks for all the hard work! What it usually signifies for most is a wondrous three day weekend that signals the culmination of yet another summer. Fall is approaching, the kids get ready for school, and for workers its just a day off.... a pretty great one because the weather is usually dope. So in honor of this summer ending holiday we got the CCD Podcast crew in studio to record a look back at some of the best "working man" movies of the past. Jedi Rob joins forces with BrooklynOne's own Anthony Marino and documentary filmmaker extraordinaire Leland James to reminisce about films that focus on good hard work....

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