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June 15, 2015

The CCD Podcast - Episode #54: The Game of Thrones Season Wrap-Up or "Burn/Stab/Behead... The End Of Westeros As We Have Known It!"

'Game of Thrones' has been one of the CCD staff's favorite shows since its inception several years ago. Very rarely has a ensemble drama made so many characters expendable and actually gone through with their killing and tough situations for EVERYONE involved. Literally, no one is safe in the books of George R.R. Martin... and we are coming to find out that they are even less safe within the realm of the HBO TV adaption. Up until this point, the show has, pretty much, stayed in line with the first few books this season,however, took some wild turns that even that hardest hardcore readers of 'The Song of Ice & Fire' books didn't anticipate. HBO has probably come to grips with the fact that Martin may not EVER finish his epic series (we have been waiting on Book 6 in the series since BEFORE the show started, and Season 5 just ended!) If he does, it will be long passed the time in which it will be necessary  info for show adaption purposes. So, it seems HBO will be taking it their own way. But honestly, who can say they saw coming the return of Dothraki...the walk of shame Cersei had to take...the unfortunate situation for Mycella...or even the Night's Watch getting all Julius Caesar with  Jon Snow? Nobody.... and that is what makes this show so great! So jump into Episode #54 of the CCD Podcast with Jedi Rob & the lovely Alicia Gomes and hear their thoughts on the situations stemming from last night's powerful Season 5 finally. Get in there....

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