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June 24, 2015

The CCD Art & Supply Co. Presents: The HBO Show - Our 4th Live Art Show Commemorating 35+ Years of HBO Original Programming

This past Saturday on June 20th The CCD Art & Supply Co. organized our 4th live art show at the Irish Haven in Brooklyn, NY. The theme of the show was simple: HBO. What network has accomplished a wider range of classic shows and events over the past 35+ years? How many properties have they put out and have become a persons "all time favorite show"? It is just staggering. From the childhood memories of Fraggle Rock to my college years of never missing an episode of The Sopranos to this past years successes of Game of Thrones & true Detective... man, I sure do have a lot of love for HBO. So we assembled a crew of 20 amazing artists to all take on their personal favorite HBO programs... and the results are JUST AMAZING! All of the pieces are available for purchase as prints in 8 x 10, 11 x 14, and 16 x 20 sizes on our website by clicking here. Check out previews after the jump....

Our next show will be held at The Arrogant Swine in Bushwick, Brooklyn on July 25th 2015.... The CCD Art & Supply Co. presents: The CCD Record Label!!!! Artists recreating their favorite album covers of all time!!!! Enjoy the pieces from the HBO Show:

Baltimore is Burning by Tommy Lombardozzi

The Crypt Keeper by Joey Armao

Spawn by Lockheed Lee

Iron Mike by Pat Cooke

Mr. Gold by Peat Vazquez

The Green Pasketti Monster by Chris Xydas

Robot Rockers by Ant Picone

The Concords by Ant Picone 

Discrepancy In The City by Cat Morris

Nucky by Ray Arcadio

Eastbound & Down by Brian Clarke

Mother of Dragons by Christina Rubino

Spirit Animal by Dusty Lammana

Al Swearenger, OG by Al Accettura

St Anthony by John De La O

True Love, True Blood by Tommy Lombardozzi

Mr. Adebizi by Brendan Shaw 

Spicy City by Elgin Braden 

Paratroopers by Matt T Perry

Wait For The Signal by Matt T Perry

Calamity Jane, 1876 by Mike Bailey

VeeP Money by Erle Tompkins  

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