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April 10, 2015

The CCD Podcast: Episode #48 - The Best Pop-Culture Duos of the 1980s or "Whose Ready For CCD's 3rd Art Show???"

It is that time again folks, The CCD Art & Supply Co. is throwing our 3rd live art show and the topic this time is dope! A Fine Pair: Pop Culture Duos of the 80s will feature 15 amazing art pieces from local NY artists who have picked their favorite "pair" or "duo" of the 1980s. It could be music, movies, or TV... or anything else for that matter! So the ultimate podcast duo of Jedi Rob & Mike D sit down and scroll through all the properties that were hit on by the artists, previewing the show. We also talk up a bunch of the duos who didn't make the cut! Another great look back in time by The CCD Podcast! Enjoy it after the jump...

Here is the event flyer with all the information, all of the pieces will be up for sale on 4/11/15:

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  1. The pieces were all great again this time. It seems as though there might have been a running thread in your podcast that you were surprised or disappointed that certain duos weren't picked. While others may have had multiple requests or submissions. I'm a little surprised, also. I think that's why the spontaneity of the original art show worked so well. People delving into the characters they were given in ways you wouldn't expect rather than picking their own. This way all the best muses were accounted for. I can't imagine the first art show without Dracula or Frankenstein....or the Mummy if none of the artists decided to choose them on their own.