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February 16, 2015

Toy Fare 2015: Pics From The Showroom Floor Pt. 1 by Mike D

I had the luck (wink, wink... thanks Gary!) to garner some passes to this years 2015 Toy Fare in NYC. For those who don't know what the hell that is, it is the MAIN trade show where EVERY toy company showcases what they have coming out for the next year. This is where they secure funding for what they want to do for the next year, where prototypes become reality... basically a peak inside 2015/16 for the whole toy industry. I went in thinking it would be kind of cool, however once I was there I was OVERWHELMED! I took over 300 pics.... here are a few for you. Enjoy the pics after the jump, and check back later for the rest of the pics in collections part 2 and 3.

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