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February 13, 2015

Another Excellent CCD Art & Supply Art Show In The Books... Here Are The Pieces!

On Saturday February 7th The CCD Art & Supply Co. put on our 2nd live art show at the Irish Haven in Brooklyn, and boy it was something special. The St. Valentine's Day Massacre: Mob Movies... In Blood Red was a perfect show theme to fit with this time of year. All that lovey dovey nonsense isn't our style here at CCD... we decided to pay homage to our favorite Mob movies in honor of the monstrous gangland slaying ordered by Al Capone. We picked out 16 artists, and the 16 classic mob movies. We put them in a randomizer... and after the assignments were given the rest was history. We got 16 killer (pun intended) pieces, and the night of the show we were fortunate enough to sell 14 out of 16 pieces. 14 OUT OF 16!!! That is just too dope... to dope indeed! It was a big night for The CCD Art & Supply Co. and we have made some insane connections with the hope of putting on even more killer events in the future. We also may have sold 14 of the 16 originals, but we have EACH AND EVERY PIECES available for sale in 8 x 10, 11 x 14 and 16 x 20 size prints on high quality Kodak stock. Order yours today by clicking here and visiting our online store now! Check out all of the entries after the jump....

Godfather Pt. I - Tommy Lombardozzi

Johnny Dangerously - Joey Armao

Casino - Kendra Cooke

The Godfather Pt. 2 - Ray Arcadio

State of Grace - John LaMacchia

The Untouchables - John Green

Miller's Crossing - Christina Rubino

White Heat - Al Accetura

The Departed - Krida Metalla

Goodfellas - Joe Milazzo

Road To Perdition - Gary Esposito 

Scarface (1932) - Mike Bailey

Mean Streets - Matt T Perry

My Blue Heaven - Brian Clarke

Donnie Brasco - Elgin Braden

The King of NY - Erle Tompkins

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