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October 30, 2014

The CCD Podcast: Episode #29 - The "Halloween" Retrospective Part 3 or 'Halloween... Underwater? Like With Sharks and Shit? Trick or Treat Motherfucker!!!!"

We keep on trucking along here at the CCD Podcast and as we make our way through the 2014 All Horror Week we find ourselves at Part 3 of the Halloween Film Retrospective. In this installment Jedi Rob is joined by Steven Graves & Kristen 'KMG' Grillo in the Nerd Cave to take a trip back to Haddonfield for the last two films in the original run of the movies, Halloween: H20 and Halloween: Resurrection!!! Jaimie Lee is back, Michael's mask is looking worse then ever, and these movies made the films that were reviewed in the past few installments of the Retrospective on the level of The Godfather & Casablanca.  So buckle up folks, and head over to the ITunes page where you can Subscribe, Download, Listen and SHARE the podcast on your favorite forms of social media. Halloween awaits.... as does Episode #29 after the jump.

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