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October 18, 2014

The CCD Podcast: Episode #25 - Our Favorite Anthology Horror TV Shows

We keep on going down the Horror Movie tunnel for the month of October with a look back at some of the best Anthology Horror TV shows of the past 50 years... yup, things are certainly going to get weird as we visit classic shows like The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits, Alfred Hitchcock Presents as well as newer gems like Masters of Horror and Fear Itself. We take a trip to the Darkside, talk about Freddy & Jason's turn on TV, and even more... if you ever found yourself curled up on your couch, watching an anthology TV show and scared out of your wits... well, than this is the PODCAST FOR YOU!!!! Enjoy some former anthology TV show title cards and the streaming podcast after the jump, and make sure you click the link so that you can SUBSCRIBE, DOWNLOAD, LISTEN and SHARE the podcast through your favorite forms of social media!!! Enjoy ghouls and girls.....

And now... EPISODE #24 of the CCD Podcast!!!!

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