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August 27, 2014

The CCD Podcast: Episode #19 - The Best Simpsons Episodes Ever or 'You Don't Like The Simpsons? Well.... Eat My Shorts & Go Do The Bartman, Man...'

The Simpsons are a culture touchstone for most people who watched any TV in the last quarter century. For us 80s babies it was the hugest phenomenon of our youth... A prime time cartoon that was embraced by EVERYONE, old... young.... it didn't matter. Everyone was rocking Bartman shirts and chanting 'Eat My Shorts' and many of the other hundreds of quotes that Simpsons fans throw out at each other to this day. FXX is in the middle of an epic marathon that is showing all 500+ episodes in a row, in sequential order. So we at the CCD Podcast felt it was time to pay our respects, and the team we assembled to do it are some of the biggest Simpsons fans around. Jedi Rob is joined by Big Steve & Joey Esq as they take a trip down memory lane into Springfield. Enjoy some awesome Simpsons art courtesy of Deviant Art after the jump, and then listen to the podcast. Please do us a favor and head over to Itunes... then Subscribe, Download, Listen and SHAREEEEEEEE on your favorite Social Media platform!!!!!!!

 Enjoy the art:

Pat Hennings

Hikaru Tajima

The Blue Fairy

The Maxlord


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