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August 7, 2014

Rocket Raccoon: A Musical Parody by Animfantastic x Town In The City

When I was a kid, my dad would play the Beatles constantly.... In the car, at the house... always with The Beatles. I developed quite a love for the Fab 4, but there was one song in particular that always held a soft spot for me. 'Rocky Raccoon'. I don't know why, but the songs lyrics (although dealing with adult themes of relationships, adultery and gun play) are quite appealing to kids. Maybe it is the sing-songy melody of the tune, or the drawl that Paul is using when singing the lyrics. Whatever it is, the song just jumped out of their catalog to me as a favorite. So, years later when I encountered Rocket Raccoon in the pages of Marvel comics it was hard to ignore the influences of the 'Rocky Raccoon' song over the character and story arc. Rocket is dating Lylla (like Lylla in the song), they are searching out a sacred book called Gideon's Bible (a direct reference to the song), and his best friend is a walrus named Wal Rus (clearly a link to the walrus of 'The Magical Mystery Tour' album). No wonder I always was drawn to the character of Rocket in the comics. Bill Mantlo and Keith Giffen create a magical character and world that was clearly rooted in the Beatles music... which is amazing! So when I came across this great video finally acknowledging the links by mashing up the two... well, I was sold immediately. Animfantastic teams up with Town In The City to produce the video, and while it is silly... who cares? It is a song about a talking Raccoon after all, so isn't is supposed to be silly? Enjoy the mashup after the jump...

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