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July 8, 2014

Cinemax's New Show 'The Knick' Might Be Something To Look Forward To This Summer...

Stephen Soderberg... check. Clive Owen... check. Period drama about the dawn of modern surgery... check. How the hell can you NOT be excited about this kind of program? It is poised to be fantastic, and the more I see about 'The Knick' the more I am excited for what may come. Period dramas always peak my interest... they just appeal to the inner History teacher in me. But this setting makes me even more intrigued, considering my love for medical dramas in the past. Cinemax has been real clever in its marketing campaign for the show, with those short burst 30 second teaser spots that feature fast cuts. But the set of character posters that were just released really got me in the mood for some turn of the century surgery drama! We see that the show will look at the medical field from all types of angles... the church, government, medical, and much more... this show looks like it is going to be DARK. I am in... the show starts on 8/8. Check out all 11 posters after the jump...

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