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July 1, 2014

800 Pound Productions Presents: Generation 1 JoeFormers!!!

I was alerted to the excellent art work going on over at 800 Pound Productions Deviant Art page by my good buddy Tommy Lombardozzi. He follows them in Instagram, and they began to post pictures of one of their projects that appeals to my 80s baby sensibilities. The gang are mashing up Generation 1 Transformers and GI Joes.... creating JoeFormers!!! What a great idea... take Transformer characters and re-design them to resemble Joe figures from the 80s. These designs are amazing, even if there are only three so far (Optimus, Soundwave and Grimlock!). They even took it one step further and collaborated with Air Max Animated toy customs to create ACTUAL figures of these concepts, both of which look PHENOMENAL!  You can see these awesome creations in this gallery or by clicking here to go to their Deviant Art page. There is also much more to look at here, so make sure you take it all in. You can see the existing JoeFormers after the jump....


  1. that stuff is just cool... so many talented people.

  2. I want these but, not made by Hasbro/Kenner from shitty new molds....I want THESE!