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June 27, 2014

Nike Killed It With Their "Risk Everything' Ad Campaign Featuring Some Of The Best World Cup Players...

Nike is a huge sponsor of this years World Cup, and they are a huge player in the international soccer market. The only major player they do not have on their roster is Messi (albeit he is the best), but Nike is busting out all of its stars for its latest ad campaign entitled 'Risk Everything'. There are three films in all, and they are all pretty cool. 'Risk Everything' features Neymar of Brazil, Reynaldo of Portugal and Rooney of England as they undergo their World Cup journeys. 'Winner Stays' is a cool one in which kids play a pick up game of soccer at the park in which the winner stays on the pitch. The kids transform into all of the worlds greats, and they highlight typical moves from these guys. 'The Last Game' is animated and shows us a fictional future where soccer players are ruled out by Clones, who replace players who are human and therefore take risks. The clones become the stars of soccer, and the 'Originals" are sent packing... no longer the stars they once where. But the 'Originals', lead by the older Brazilian legend Ronaldo, come back strong for one last game. Ibrahimovic, Christiano Ronaldo, Iniesta, Brazilians Neymar & Luis, Rooney and Tim Howard lead the charge against The Clones... will they win? A great marketing campaign for Nike in this World Cup year. Catch all three videos after the jump...

Risk Everything:

Winner Stays On:

The Last Game:

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