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June 6, 2014

Ludicrous Speed! Go! - A Short Film Compilation by Exophrine

One of the coolest guys I ever met here on the Net has to be Dave from Exophrine. Exophrine was a very cool blog that featured all types of pop culture stuff. Dave has phased out the blog (meh) but continues at one of his specialties: Making compilation videos!!! He has done some cool ones in the past, but his latest 'Ludicrous Speed! Go!' is by far his best. He takes clips of excessive uses of speed, both with the help of vehicles and also maybe some superhuman powers, and mashes them up into one fun clip. All the usual suspects are here, and even some cool rare movie clips you probably haven't seen in forever. Also, I think using the Spaceballs scene is a great idea... it is one of my favorites ever! You can see tons of original content over on his Youtube page, but you can catch Ludicrous Speed! Go! embedded after the jump...


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