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June 6, 2014

Andy Fairhurst Wants To Show You A Galaxy Far, Far Away... And Feature The Best Characters Of Each Film Of The Trilogy!!!

Mock up versions of movie posters are pretty common... shit, 3/4 of ALL Internet content consists of fake movie posters and cat captioned photos (I see you Cal... I see you!). And the most oft posterized film seems to be the original trilogy, the only trilogy.... Star Wars. It is an amazing set of films, and a touchstone for multiple generations of people, it makes sense that it is the one picked the most. But they usually tend to skew towards pedestrian. Not Andy Fairhurst, UK artist extraordinaire. He decides to go minimalist, but in a very cool way. He takes certain vehicles from each film and makes them the focal points of the posters, but he also subtly inserts the coolest characters of each film embedded into the whole background of the poster. The result is amazing. Upon a deeper review of Andy's website you find even more cool posters for classics like Jaws, Back To The Future and Rocky... as well as new movies such as Batman v Superman & Transformers. You can see all 3 of the Star Wars posters after the jump...

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