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June 19, 2014

Even Though We Got A Shit Ton Of Characters In Days of Future Past, They Wanted To Give Us Even More!!!!

So a lot of the characters that made there way into X-Men: Days of Future Past were placed in there to correct continuity errors in the last few movies, lay groundwork for future movies, and of course to sell more merchandise. But despite that fact that we seen over 20 X-Men, many villains, and probably a few hidden gems (I see you little Cable... I see you) there were a few characters that got left on the cutting room floor. One of the was Juggernaut... played pretty great by Vinnie Jones in the train wreck that was X-Men: The Last Stand. He got some cool screen time, and I for one would have liked him back. But since he didn't make the cut, there is no harm in leaking a few concept art pics on how he may have looked in the "future". There are two pics, both full body shots that are quite similar but show different masks that he may have sported. I like the look... it is very much like the comic version, modernized & practical. And its minus the giant dome piece (which I always loved, but looks dumb as shit). Check the two pics after the jump...

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