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April 23, 2014

Bill Murray x Modok by David Branstetter

David Branstetter is just like any other independent graphic artist that wants to break into the comic world. Check that... most guys that are trying to break into comics want to be down with the kings: Marvel, DC, Image, etc. But from reading Branstetter's blog it is apparent that this isn't his goal at all... he wants to get his own work, Straw Man, and other original ideas out there for people to see. His Straw Man strip is pretty great, and you can see much more of it by clicking here. He is also contributing to Comic Book Resources 'The Line Is Drawn' weekly art round up, which always produces some great stuff. But when I came across his Deviant Art page (click here to see his stuff, its amazing!) I found this killer mash up piece that tickled me inside, because it is completely off kilter yet works so well after it was executed. What do you get when you mix floating head super villain Modok with the one and only film legend Bill Murray? Check after the jump to see for yourself....


  1. ...this begs the question 'When will Bill Murray make a Marvel appearance on the big screen?'