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March 6, 2014

Can Anyone REALLY Understand The Actors On True Detective?

I have been watching HBO's newest addition to it's massive show arsenal True Detective with baited breath. I am literally dying every week to see where it will go. The show is about to wrap up its 8th and final episode of its inaugural season and has been getting rave reviews... despite the fact that hardly anybody can make out what the hell the actors are even saying! I am not trying to knock Matthew McConaughey or Woody Harrellson... they have been tasked with a very wordy script and a seriously strong set of southern accents. The confusing story line and all the misdirection and mystery don't help much either. So Community's Joe Rash and Joel McHale have decided to create a fake two minute trailer to illustrate just how tough it is to understand ole Rust and Marty. This pretty much sums up the whole show in two short minutes. Can't wait to see how it all shakes out... but for now, enjoy this very funny clip...

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