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March 27, 2014

43 Cartoon Theme Songs Get The Orchestral Treatment From The Carnegie Hall Ensemble ACJW

I am a big fan of cartoons... always have, always will. From my early childhood memories of Spiderman & His Amazing Friends and Thundarr the Barbarian to my recent interest in shows like The Last Airbender and Adventure Time, I have always got enjoyment out of animated shows. But the thing that always caught me, and frankly always catches everyone, has to be the theme song. The theme song is the first chance to capture someones attention, draw them into the show with a melodic tune that will make them want to watch the show. It applies to network TV shows like sitcoms and dramas, and it goes even further with cartoons because the audience is usually being captured at a young age. Those tunes stick with you for life... and make you a life long fan. The Carnegie Hall Ensemble ACJW decided to pay homage to some of those very songs that probably influenced them as youngsters and came up with a pretty cool way to do it. They compressed 43 classic theme songs into a 5 minute video, complete with added animations to help stir your memories a bit about each song. A well done video, and proof that even classically trained musicians know just how important these little diddies can be. And even cooler that it was put out by a classically respected institution such as Carnegie Hall. Check the video out after the jump...


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