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January 22, 2014

The Raid 2: Berandal Is Tearing Up Up Sundance Right Now...

Gareth Evans had a hit in hiding on his hands when he made a little film by the name of The Raid: Redemption a few years back. The Indonesian action flick took the world by storm, and became one of those must watch insane fighting movies that people who don't even like the genre can even sit through. At its heart The Raid: Redemption was a much bigger story and Evans was forced to shrink it down in scale in order to get it properly funded and filmed. That original large encompassing story took the main character, Rama, undercover in a giant group of Berandal (Indonesian for Thugs) criminals. He is tasked with infiltrating the group and then taking down from the inside. So with a bit of maneuvering, Evans has converted his original undercover cop story into a sequel to the events of the first film. Having survived the daring raid on the apartment building in Redemption, Rama is back at it and ready to take down the next group of challengers. As you can expect, mayhem and insane fighting ensue. The second film is currently setting Sundance on fire and is easily one of the most anticipated foreign films of the upcoming year. Sony is betting big on the popularity of the Raid franchise, not only releasing this film (probably to be titled The Raid: Retaliation here in the states) but also agreeing to make a third as well. There have been two trailers that have hit the Net, first a 2:34 second maxi trailer and then a shorter but much bloodier Red Band Trailer. Both can be seen after the jump. The Raid: Berandal is due in theaters on March 28th, 2014.

Original Trailer:

Red Band:


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