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January 15, 2014

Rob Duenas Takes On The Star Wars Universe Via His Sketchcraft Blog

Rob Duenas is an artist that runs a very interesting art blog. Sketchcraft is a place where Duenas posts his current works of art, but he does so in a very interesting way. He posts multiple steps of the process that goes into creating a particular piece. His 'work in progress' pieces taking you through a step by step process of how a finish piece gets that way. It is a unique process that most artists don't really like to show. Whether or not they don't want to divulge their techniques, or if they just don't want a non-finished work seeing the light of critiques... it is rare that we get a glimpse into the whole process. What is real cool is that he posts different pieces at different stages of completion, and so you are never really zoomed in on one particular piece of his. You are seeing many different steps of creation for multiple pieces at once.... a great idea. His latest series happens to take on one of my favorite character groups, the Star Wars universe. Boba, Chewie, Han, Leia, Luke and Vader... yup, the gang is all here. You can see plenty of Duenas work on his Deviant Art page, and you can see his constantly 'work in progress' pieces update constantly on his Sketchcraft Tumblr. You can also see the Star Wars pieces after the jump...

And here is an example of the Work In Progress style of Rob:

and finally:

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