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January 14, 2014

'Big Bad Wolves' - What Happens When A Victims Family Becomes The Killers?

I love me some Quentin Tarantino, and that dude knows a thing or two about films. So when he declares that a movie is "the best of 2013", who am I to argue? I have become very interested in Big Bad Wolves, the Israeli horror thriller that is setting the world on fire and that QT has crowned the best of 2013. It centers around a child hunting serial killer who is terrorizing a small town. In an effort to garner a confession, a good cop pays two thugs to beat the suspect unmercifully. The beating is caught on tape, goes viral, and the police brutality allows the suspect to slip away from the system uncharged. But the father of the latest victim, a little girl whose body was missing her head when it was found, isn't just going to let it go. So he teams up with the disgraced former cop to engage in a little spot of kidnapping & torture of the suspect... and they are not taking it easy! This one looks amazing! You can see the film in select theaters and catch it online or on demand after January 17th. Check after the jump for the official trailer....

Here are a few movie posters for the film as well:

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