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January 28, 2014

Disney Princesses Get The Proper Period Dress Code Adjustments...

Disney is notorious for developing a intricate back story to go along with all their animated features. They are often set in a very specific period of time and have the backdrop of some real life event... think The Little Mermaid during the age of European sea exploration, Mulan taking place during the Ming dynasty in China and Pocahontas being set in the US Colonies. But they could have done a much better job with making the costumes historically accurate. Or at least that's what artists Claire Hummel decided when she created her 'Historical Princesses' art collection. Hummel picked the characters that she felt were misguided in their dress, and made a few corrections to right the ship. The result is a killer collection of pieces that imagine the characters more in line with how they should have looked. You can see much more of Hummel's work on her Deviant Art page, and check out the project after the jump...

Maleficient dress based on early 1400s

Pocahontas dressed in 17th century Powhatan garb

Megara's dress based on Ancient Greek style

Rapunzel based on 1820s period pieces  

Tiana's dress based on robes de style of the 1920s

Mulan based on traditional Ming Dynasty garb

Sleeping Beauty in 1485 period garb

Cinderella in 1860s ball gown

Jasmin based on rare pre-Islamic Middle Eastern Fashion

Snow White in 16th century German garb

Ariel in 1890s evening gown

Belle dressed on 1770s French court fashion

Maid Marian... or better yet, what is left of her... lol

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