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December 4, 2013

Super Powered Beat Down - Battle Of The Batmobiles

We have been following the gang over at Bat In The Sun productions for a long time now.. way back when they were making high quality Bat family fan films (check here and here if you don't believe me!). They have moved on to bigger and better things, most notably the Super Power Beat Down web series that they post over on their Youtube Page. Now in these mythical match ups they often choose 2 individuals from comics/sci fi and have them face off in a one on one battle to find out who would win a battle... think Wolverine vs Predator. But this particular episode stands out because instead of featuring individuals battling it out, they choose to focus on one of the baddest sets of wheels of all time: The Batmobile! Everybody has their own particular fave, but which inclination of the famous car that Batman drives would outperform the other? That is a question answered in the video after the jump... and make sure you watch the video all the way to the end for a little something special from host Marisha Ray!

and here is a bonus.... the extended car wash scene:

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