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November 4, 2013

Postma Does The Amazing Spider-Ham - The Heores and the Villains

There are few characters that hold as special a place in my heart as Peter Porker, The Spectacular Spider Ham. The mock character made his first appearance back in 1983 and I remember the first day I saw an issue featuring the cartoon pig on the cover. I was like 4 or 5, totally emerged in comic books, and the idea that they could morph a classic character such as Spider Man into something fun and interesting appealed to me greatly. Over the years I have read many of the stories that featured the world of Peter Porker... but when I saw what artist Phil Postma did with the character in his unique artistic way, I was completely blown away. Here is a gallery of his work on the characters from that universe. The heroes, the villains and Peter Porker himself. Brings back great memories... check them out after the jump....

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  1. I never read these as a kid, but should have! These are great!