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October 3, 2013

WW - A Wonder Woman Film Short by Rainfall Films

Here is something I can't seem to grasp: DC Comics is sitting on a goldmine of a property in Wonder Woman and they can't seem to monetize on the potential of the character in any forum besides comics. Why??? The character has been around for over 60 years (tons of back story to pull from), is stepped in mythology for cool side characters and villains (I certainly wouldn't mind seeing Ares or an island full of Amazonian woman), she is sexy (for the guys) and a symbol of a powerful feminine character (for the ladies) that is a lead in a story, and is probably the most recognizable character in the DC stables besides Superman & Batman. So why is it so hard to get this character in a TV show or a movie? WTF DC... stop dropping the ball. Diana Prince has long been a favorite of Cosplayers and amateur filmmakers as a subject, and since DC isn't pulling the trigger on a project anytime soon it seems like they are just proving the point on how much potential the character has. We put up a short film some time earlier this year (click here to see it), but now we have a brand new short from Rainfall Films that will blow you away. Rileah Vanderbilt (Adam Green's kick ass wife and the star of the very underrated horror film Frozen!) takes up the mantle and does Diana justice. All it needed was an Invisible Plane sighting and it would have been perfect... maybe in the sequel! Lets hope these short films help get DC up off their asses! Check out the full video after the jump...


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