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October 17, 2013

New York Comic Con 2013 - Day 2 Cosplay

So here are the pics from Day 2 (Friday) of the 2013 NY Comic Con. Friday is when the costume cosplay usually ramps up a bit and we see some great stuff. I seen a few costumes I have never seen before (Puck? The cloud flying turtle tosser from Mario Brothers? Evil Lyn?) and some old faithfuls done much better (great Shredder and Slave Leia). All in all, a good batch. Enjoy them after the jump...


  1. Too many gr8 ones. Hard to pick a winner on this day but, I may have to go with Samus!

  2. Starlord and the cute Rocket Raccoon.

  3. Goes without saying, but, quite a number of these broads could get it...