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October 25, 2013

CCD Presents: Sire's Crown Eyewear Live From The 2013 NY Comic Con Floor

As I stroll the 2013 NY Comic Con floor I am always looking for unique things to highlight here on CCD. There are plenty of traditional vendors selling their wares at cons (comics, toys, prints, t shirts, etc), so I am looking for that booth that has something different. I found that at the Sire's Crown booth. The guys from SC were hawking glasses at their booth. But these glasses had some special characteristics. First off, teh frames were carved out of wood. Yup... pretty unique. Not something I have never seen before, but rare nonetheless. Yet it was the other unique characteristic about the frames that made them Comic Con friendly. The frames were overlayed with chopped up prints of 30s,40s and 50s era comic book covers! What a great idea for the comic lover who is forced to wear eyeglasses! I came over to the booth, chatted with one of the owners CJ Thomason, and we conducted a video interview detailing the project and all the other stuff that makes Sire's Crown such a great company. A very cool product and a cool group of dudes. Check out their website, and contact them for more information on eye wear for sale. You can check out the video afetr the jump...

A few pics of the frames:

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