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October 25, 2013

CCD Presents: Ray Arcadio Live From Artists Alley at the 2013 NY Comic Con

On the first day of set up for our booth we were quite early. Joe Fletch, Tommy and I arrived at the Javits and began setting up our booth. There were not that many artists setting up in Artists Alley, but there was one a few rows away that instantly caught our attention. Ray Arcadio had canvas art for sale, and his style jumped out at me because it reminded me of one of my favorite artists, Sam Keith. His faces were not exactly like Keith's drawings, but the mouths reminded me of The Maxx. That was enough to get me over to the table. Once I did, I started chatting up Ray and he was a really cool dude. His work was really fantastic, and once we began talking on camera it became apparent that I was speaking to one of the most down to earth artists at the con. You can check out more of his work by jumping on his website, and you can see the interview we conducted after the jump...

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  1. Good stuff. Nice guy. List the websites in the description!