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October 25, 2013

CCD Presents: Geoff Cain of Black Action Tees Live From the Floor of the 2013 NY Comic Con

One of the coolest things that I purchased the whole time I was at the 2013 NY Comic Con had to be the T-Shirts I picked up over at the Black Action Tees booth. Owner Geoff Cain makes some killer t shirts, and they tend to feature the forgotten and lesser known heroes that happen to be minorities. No Superman or Batman shirts here... there are plenty of booths selling those. Black Action Tees focuses on heroes like Black Lightning, Dragonfly Jones, and Black Dynamite... and I am happy that they do! I grabbed up three shirts, the Mike Tyson, Black Lightning, and Sam Jackson Bad Mofo shirts myself. I also chatted with owner Jeff and discussed just what makes his company stand out among the others in the crowd. Geoff explains his character choices, why he caters to bigger sizes (his shirts go up to 5XL!), and much more. Click here to head on over to their website and order something now! Check out some designs after the jump as well as the full interview....

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