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October 24, 2013

CCD Presents: Dave Ryan of Manticore Stencil Art Live From The Floor of the 2013 NY Comic Con

One of the creepiest and trippiest booths I passed on my laps around the floor had to be the Manticore Stencil Art booth. I am no stranger to mash-ups, no matter how strange and weird they may be. I am also no stranger to weird mediums of art. And artist Dave Ryan has surprised me both of those categories with some of the most unusual stuff I have ever seen. Yoda hanging in a strip club, getting a killer view from down low? Michael Jackson and E.T. chillin by a river? Luke getting a ticket in his speeder from a motorcycle cop? Chewy catching a haircut from Edward Scissorhands? Mario coming out of a warp pipe in a real river? Yup, all of these are subject of pieces that Dave has created. And the art itself, not just the ideas, are very unique. He takes old records and stencils his creations on those. He makes over-sized, oil painted canvases and 3 x 2 inch magnets. He offers prints for a very low denomination. And he does it all with a huge smile on his face! Dave was real cool, and honestly he gave us a great interview. I picked up a bunch of magnets and a print, and I wanted to buy so much more! You can see some of the pieces I liked the best after the jump, as well as the full embedded video. You can also head over to their site by clicking here and buy some stuff... and tell him Mike D from CCD sent ya!!!!  

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