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September 13, 2013

'Vice Squad' Screening @ Nitehawk Cinema... CCD Style!!!

Last night Tommy Lombardozzi and I ventured into Williamsburg, Brooklyn to one of our favorite cinemas to watch an 80's classic.
Nitehawk Cinema gives you plenty of reasons to love it: Good food (a full menu of food, not just snacks), a full bar... and all of those goodies served continuously as the movie is being shown. Their programming is also impeccable. They balance newer release indy/art house films with a healthy mix of older features in many different categories. One of the things they do best is called 'The Deuce', which focuses on movies that reflect the grindhouse nature of 70's-80's 42nd St. here in NYC... gritty, full of nudity, and usually plenty of drugs/crime. 'Vice Squad' is the perfect movie to highlight these types of films. It premiered in 1982 and was supposed to portray a day in the life a hooker, a murderous pimp, and a vice cop all at the same time. Wings Hauser plays the killer pimp Ramrod, and boy is he close to amazing! He is smacking bitches, poppin' cops, and much more... a true villain. Gary Swanson stars as Tom Walsh, a vice cop trying his best to clean up his city one bad guy at a time. Season Hubley plays Princess, the hooker Walsh plans to use to flush out Ramrod. Until he escapes police custody and everything goes to shit. An amazing example of sleaze cinema, this movie is a must see! After last night's 35 mm screening (complete with scratches, missing reels, and terrible cuts), star Gary Swanson came up for a little Q & A that we recorded impromptu on my Iphone. Now that means there are multiple clips and the sound/pics are not fantastic... but it is cool to hear the star of the movie talk about it. Check out all the videos after the jump, and make sure you check out what is coming up at Nitehawk Cinema in the future so you can attend a cool ass screening like this one....

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

Part 7:

Part 8:

Part 9:

Here are some pics we took from the Nighthawk Bar after the screening and Q & A:

Me, Gary Swanson and Tommy

Original Movie Poster On Display

Heinekens In brown paper bags were served... very appropriate!

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