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September 5, 2013

Trailers From Hell: Director Ti West Takes On Clue

I have been a fan of Trailers From Hell for quite a while now, a web series that sits down with famous directors and allows them to talk briefly about some of their favorite movies and the trailers that were made for them. I like that TFH includes luminaries such as Joe Dante (Gremlins), Roger Corman (countless producer of B movies extraordinaire), Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead), Lloyd Kaufman (Troma films), and many others newcomers as well to get a few comments on the movies they love and the trailers that help promote them. One of those newcomers is Ti West, director of the criminally underrated 'House of the Devil' and The Innkeepers. West is one of the hottest young horror directors in Hollywood, and he picked an interesting choice for his Trailers From Hell debut: He picks apart Clue, on of my personal favorite movies and the movie that happened to be the film that West saw first in the cinema. It is good to get some feedback on classic movies from heavyweights in the game, especially when it is short and sweet... I also love that they are not breaking down serious films, more of the garden variety fun stuff that they liked when they were kids. Check out the hundreds of videos that Trailers From Hell have up on their Youtube page, and check out Ti West talking up the murder mystery after the jump...

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