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September 6, 2013

'Robocop' Remake Gets A Trailer... And I Am OK With It!

When they announced that there was a Robocop remake in the pipes, I sort of had mixed feelings about the whole thing. On one hand, this is EXACTLY the kind of movie I want to see remade because I feel like the technology/CGI that exists today will serve its Sci Fi/Robotic pieces of the story well. On the other hand, it hurt because they were going to be touching a movie from my childhood and making all types of unnecessary changes to muck it up. I was definitely leaning more towards number 2 after the first footage started appearing on the 'Net of our favorite cyber cop in a black armor suit. Why fuck with the classic chrome look? It's iconic... But now that we actually have a trailer, I am starting to lean back towards #1. The footage looks great, the suit looks practical and flows well, and they even clarify on the trailer on why its black! Add in a solid cast (Michael Keaton, the very sexy Abbie Cornish, and a nutty hairpiece wearing Samuel L...Yes!) and slick looks and I might just be sold on this one. The trailer definitely did a lot to sway me on the side of approval. We shall see. The movie comes out Feb 7th, 2014. Check out the full trailer after the jump...


  1. I'll see it. But I'm not convinced that it is going to be as good as the first.

    1. Have you SEEN Abbie Cornish's tits? It will be... lol